La Casa Del Formaggio Mozzarella Ball 450g

$7.60 each $16.89 per kg


Mozzarella is delicious melted on pizzas and toasted focaccia rolls. It is a key ingredient in lasagnas, casseroles, pasta bakes and most other cheesy hot dishes. Simple to use, just grate or slice, and add to your favourite dish. Mozzarella, also from the Pasta Filata family, is lower in moisture than Bocconcini. La Casa Del Formaggio’s Mozzarella follows the same manufacturing process as the Bocconcini products, only it is cooked a little longer in its own whey to expel more moisture, making it one of the purest Mozzarellas on the market, with absolutely no artificial preservatives. Our Mozzarella is higher moisture than standard pizza cheese, which means it stays rich and creamy when melted at high temperatures.